Powering the Future through Innovative Technologies

Mercury Investment Limited is a distinct investment holding company
Our philosophy goes beyond just investment

  • We're future-forward, committed to embracing innovation in the field of international trade and commerce.
  • Our commitment to professionalism, integrity, and legitimate business practices defines our identity and fuels our operations, giving comfort to all our stakeholders.
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Shaping the Next Generation of Tech Enterprises

Mercury Investment Limited thrives on investing in startup companies and other entities employing disruptive technologies to revolutionize international trade and commerce. We're drawn to the extraordinary potential of technology to create new efficiencies, streamline operations, and pioneer growth opportunities. We meticulously select our portfolio companies for their innovative solutions, sustainable models, and capacity to redefine global commerce.

Over Two Decades of Expertise in Investments

The team at Mercury Investment Limited brings to the table a combined experience of over 20 years in investment, focusing on startups, tech companies, and businesses spanning diverse industries. Our expertise is not confined to a single niche but is broad-based, covering industries such as e-commerce, medical supplies, and financial services. We hold a track record of identifying potential in early-stage businesses and nurturing them to achieve scale and growth. With a sharp understanding of marketplace trends and the agility to adapt to changing industry landscapes, we have successfully navigated the world of investments, yielding significant returns on our investments and propelling portfolio companies to new heights.

Investing in Sustainable Progress and Positive Impact

Mercury Investment Limited is not just committed to financial growth, but also to making a positive societal impact. We invest in companies that are not only technologically innovative, but also have a sense of their social and environmental responsibilities.

Global Reach in Investments

At Mercury Investment Limited, we recognise the importance of a diversified geographic strategy for robust portfolio performance. Our investments extend beyond borders, reaching into dynamic and promising markets across Southeast Asia, China, and Western Europe.

Southeast Asia: Recognising the rapid economic growth and burgeoning startup ecosystem in this region, we have invested in several promising companies in Southeast Asia. These investments encompass a broad array of sectors, from e-commerce to medical supplies, reflecting the vibrant diversity of opportunities in this region.

China: As one of the world's most potent economic powerhouses, China presents a multitude of opportunities for our investments. Our strategic involvement in the Chinese market reflects our belief in the region's potential for sustainable growth and technological innovation.

Western Europe: We have also extended our reach to the mature and stable markets of Western Europe. Here, we focus on technology and service-oriented businesses that are well-positioned to drive growth and contribute to their respective industries. At Mercury Investment Limited, we continue to explore and expand our geographic footprint, seeking out the best opportunities for our investors and portfolio companies worldwide.

Connect with Mercury Investment Limited

We welcome you to reach out to us for any inquiries or further information. Our dedicated team is on hand to provide you with insights about our operations, investment strategies, compliance practices, and more. Reach out to us to discover how Mercury Investment Limited is shaping the future of international trade and commerce through investments.